The British Toilet Association

Established in 1999, the BTA is a Not-for-Profit Members Organisation working to promote the highest possible standards of hygiene and provision in all “away from home” toilet facilities across the UK.

Why do we need more and better toilets?

We all need away from home toilets when we’re out and about, particularly those of us in specialist user groups. It’s all about…

  • Health & Well-being
  • Equality
  • Social Inclusion
  • Privacy & Public Decency

How is the BTA helping to address these problem ?

Consultancy Services
Using our industry recognised independent expertise, we can work with you to create the most effective toilet provision for your organisation and its users.

Information Services
By utilising our collective expertise, we can answer nearly every toilet related question posed by our members. Join us now and we can help.


Legislative Issues
Every toilet provided must adhere to a number of key legislative requirements including:

  • BS6465 – parts 1-4
  • BS8300
  • Building regulations parts M & R
  • Disability Discrimination Act (now the Equality Order)
  • British & European Standards

Members have access to advice and guidance on these and many more regulatory requirements. To join us now click here.

Changing Places ToiletsChanging Places Logo
We are extremely proud to be working with MENCAP and the Changing Places Charter Group and organisations to increase the overall provision of specialised toilet units throughout the UK.

Best Practice Guide & Training Services
Our guides, services and publications help members improve the standards and levels of provision and cleaning within their own facilities.

Market/Consumer Research
Members views and opinions form an important part of the many market research and consumer projects which we undertake annually.

Award Schemes
We are actively involved in running and supporting awards for  “away from home” toilets by all types of suppliers, this includes our own Innovation Awards as well as support for the Loo of the Year and Attendant of the Year Awards
Full information on how to enter for these Awards is contained on our Innovation Awards page.

Join the Campaign

The Association, as a whole, has a wealth of knowledge on toilet related issues and practices and every day handles a constant stream (pun intended?) of enquiries or applications from everyone who has a real desire to help improve the current provision as well as reduce the number of toilet closures. We support consumers and suppliers alike on the future development and installation of  more hygienically clean publicly accessible toilets across the country. We’re always keen to broaden our knowledge base and welcome NEW members – Why not join the campaign today !
Full information on the benefits and how to join us is contained on our Membership page above!

We are a Voice for the Industry. Why not add your voice and make us stronger?

The BTA welcomes every opportunity to draw down Media activity and publicity material which highlights issues around publicly accessible toilets. In particular Radio & TV opportunities are sought and used to expound the company’s campaign message to wider and wider audiences This would include articles and editorial in many of the leading cleaning journals as well as producing our own information guides, manuals and facts sheets. We help to promote the Truckers Toilets Newsletter and a Problem Reduction Guide and will use every opportunity offered to stop the decline in available public facilities.

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