Wales Draft Public Health Law

Draft Public Health Law for Wales Toilet users in Wales could soon find help is at hand, from councils. A new draft law by the Welsh government will put the responsibility on More »

BCC Grant Fund Awarded for UK Toilet Map

BCC Grant to support our UK Toilet Map Project The British Cleaning Council is delighted to announce that it has awarded a £10,000 grant to the British Toilet Association to support the More »

Truckers’ Toilets Newsletter June 2014

TRUCKERS’ TOILETS UK Campaign to improve the health & wellbeing of lorry drivers June 2014  NEWSLETTER 12 Welcome to our TWELFTH newsletter! How time flies! We are delighted to report that since the More »

2014 British Toilet Association Innovation Awards

The Awards will recognise innovation in three key areas of ‘away from home’ provision: 1. New products 2. New services 3. Efficiency improvements The BTA wants to hear about innovation that really More »

New benefit to BTA members and site visitors

There is a new tab above headed Buyers Guide. This enables site visitors to select a members name and view their products or services available and it contains a direct link to More »


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Wales Draft Public Health Law

Wales White Paper

Draft Public Health Law for Wales

Toilet users in Wales could soon find help is at hand, from councils.

A new draft law by the Welsh government will put the responsibility on local authorities to make sure there are enough public toilets. They would be required to assess, regularly review, and meet the local demand for the conveniences. The new duty will be in a draft law setting out measures aimed at improving public health. If passed, it is thought it could be the first duty of its type to be introduced in the UK. It would apply to all toilets owned by local authorities, including those in libraries and sports halls.

 “In an age of austerity the answer simply cannot be find more money for it. what we have to do is be more imaginative” Mark Drakeford Health Minister

Last year the British Toilet Association estimated that there has been a 40% drop in the number of public toilets across the UK in the last 10 years. Older people’s charities have long argued that cuts to public toilet provision have had a big impact, especially on older and disabled people who they claim can be left afraid of venturing out of their homes. In March 2012 the assembly’s health and social care committee published a report which claimed there was a “strong public health case for better public toilet provision”.

AMs heard evidence that often public toilets were difficult to find or not open when needed, and that facilities did not meet their needs and were unclean and unsafe. Health minister Mark Drakeford told the BBC’s Sunday Politics Wales: “We know that if people are not confident that they will have the facilities they need then it has a distorting effect on their lives. “They stay at home when they would like to go out. They don’t take tablets that they need to take in order to be able to go out. “And for older people, people with some mental health conditions, people with young families and children, the fact that they need to be confident that there are proper facilities that they can use if they want to be out in our society is a genuine public health issue.”

The white paper sets out the Welsh government’s proposals for legislation which will be consulted on.

The BTA is actively working with The Commissioner for Older Persons in Wales, Sarah Rochira and her well-being policy advisor’s to bring about a significant change in the thinking and provision of publicly accessible toilets  across Wales and throughout the whole of the United kingdom. Sarah commented ” public conveniences are assets we need to preserve.”

BCC Grant Fund Awarded for UK Toilet Map

BCC plus text

BCC Grant to support our UK Toilet Map Project

The British Cleaning Council is delighted to announce that it has awarded a £10,000 grant to the British Toilet Association to support the development of a UK toilet map app for iPhone and Android platforms. The BCC awards funding to projects undertaken by its members every year which contribute towards the advancement of the cleaning industry.

The UK Toilet Map is a response to the constantly changing demographic of public toilet provision. Interactive and constantly updated, the app with allow users to identify all publicly accessible toilets across the country. Initially created in partnership with Mencap and the Changing Places Consortium, the app will also cater to those who require more than a standard accessible toilet – including facilities that cater to those with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their carers.

Raymond Martin, British Toilet Association Director, said: “Known as Changing Places toilets, there are currently just under 600 specialized units around the country. The toilet map will not just identify the sites, but also hopefully identify where new facilities are needed.”

The UK Toilet Map will show the location and opening times of the toilet plus a profile sheet which will highlight all the facilities contained within that unit. Additionally individuals and/or organisations who need to plan their journeys will be able to use the inbuilt trip-planner to locate and store toilets on a selected route.

He continued: “The British Toilet Association is absolutely delighted to have secured the funding for this important project. The end result will be a tool which gives disabled people and their carers a greater sense of freedom and dignity, enhancing their lives greatly. I am proud of the association and funders for putting British public toilet users first.”

Douglas Cooke, British Cleaning Council Chairman, commented: “The British Cleaning Council are thrilled to have opportunity to contribute to The UK Toilet Map. This is exactly the type of project that the grants system was set up for – ventures that enhance the cleaning industry’s ability to positively affect people’s lives.”

Working closely with many other charities and organisations as well as FM and cleaning companies, the BTA is hoping to maintain and potentially increase the levels and standards of overall provision of all away-from-home toilets, whilst giving us all a modern day solution to this age old problem of “Where can I go, when I need to go?”



Introducing one of our newest members…

Revolutionising the way we open any door including public toilets, it eradicates the need to touch the dreaded door handle – StepNpull® lets you exit the door using just your foot.

Over 70% of people using the public toilet don’t wash their hands properly. Typically we carry between 10,000 to a million germs on clean hands- imagine what type of nasty germs you can pick up in the public toilets? StepNpull®is a potentially life saving device, as it eliminates the unnecessary spread of bacteria from door handles.   

Stylish and simple, StepNpull® is made of recycled aluminium and makes the dream of hands free door opening a reality. Installed in minutes and retro-fitted to the base of most catchless doors, every hospital, cruise ship, restaurant, office and school can use it as a cost effective way to combat the transfer of germs, improve public health and most of all provide a solution to this popular problem.

StepNpull® is already an established product in the US and has offered peace of mind to millions of Americans, currently servicing the top 100 biggest companies. Now it’s manufactured, produced and distributed from the UK and comes in a range of colours with a lifetime guarantee.

StepNpull is on a worldwide mission to change the way we use public toilets, or in fact any door where the thought of touching the handle is unbearable.

About StepNpull Ltd- Mick Janaway a successful entrepreneur contracted an infection that nearly cost him his arm and life last year and whilst on a recuperation trip to USA he stumbled across StepNpull®. Amazed by its simplicity, StepNpull®has given him a new life direction; to help prevent the transfer of nasty bacteria across Europe.

To learn more about this product please contact:
Lucy Challenger, Marketing, Press & PromotionsstepNpull hands-free
28-32 High Road, Laindon, Basildon, Essex, SS15 6NR
Mobile: +44 (0) 7583 222433
See StepNpull in action:

Truckers’ Toilets Newsletter June 2014


Campaign to improve the health & wellbeing of lorry drivers

June 2014  NEWSLETTER 12

Welcome to our TWELFTH newsletter! How time flies!
We are delighted to report that since the first newsletter last July, we have made steady progress in our Campaign to provide drivers
with access to clean, well maintained toilets, hand washing and – where appropriate – shower facilities. We have focused on
EVIDENCE and SPREADING THE WORD to a wide range of individuals and organisations and we have received a lot of SUPPORT.
There is much more to do but we’ve made an excellent start and we hope that ALL lorry drivers will be encouraged by their contributions to the campaign.
We are now on a roll and are planning the next stage! Do stick with us!

Unite the Union update: There was a meeting in London this month between TTUK and Unite to discuss the next stage of working together on the Campaign.
This will include Company involvement. Updates will be posted on the TTUK Facebook page.
And Drivers, please keep posting your evidence – your experiences are vital to the success of the Campaign.

Commercial Driver: Letter of the Week [May] was from a driver who had been refused access to a toilet at Panalpina.
As a result TTUK and Unite the Union were both interviewed on the subject [12 June page 8]. There is also a response to the Letter of the Week from
Tony Lewington, Chair of the Health & Safety Committee, Unite. The reporter, Chris Tindall, has asked to be updated on Campaign developments!

CV Driver: There was more on accessing toilets and the lack of facilities generally for drivers in ‘Rankine’s Rants’ [CV Driver April/Easter 2014].
He suggests he has ‘a mind to start taking my camera with me and documenting the state of these places’. Go for it, Mr Rankine and send your photos to Truckers’ Toilets UK!

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry TTUK was very pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the TTUK Campaign
with the Chief Executive of the HCCI and the Membership Services Officer. The HCCI supports what TTUK is trying to achieve and they are looking
into possible ways forward such as arranging contacts with some of the larger employers in the area.

Press release: Following on from the Hand Hygiene conference where our Ed gave a presentation, SCA Hygiene Products UK Ltd sent out a press release
promoting the Truckers’ Toilets UK campaign headed ‘Bid to provide UK lorry drivers with improved toilet access’. The content included toilet access refusals, few toilet facilities
available on the roads, the lack of suitable parking for large vehicles and health issues. A big thank you to SCA for recognising the importance of this Campaign

Deb Ltd Another company that attended the Hand Hygiene conference is also interested in exploring ways of supporting our Campaign.
TTUK will be mentioned at one of their team meetings. Look out for any feedback on our TTUK Facebook page.

Toilet Taboo! An article in the Daily Telegraph [19 May] commented on the fact that whilst celebrities are happy to be seen at functions for high profile charities the needs of other
not so well known causes do not receive such support. Our Ed thinks “A” listers might not be so keen to associate themselves with UK toilet related campaigns – But never say ‘never’!

Hand hygiene: The June issue of Which? Magazine advocates washing hands thoroughly with soap  and water as does a professor who spoke at the Cheltenham Science Festival [Daily Telegraph 5 June].
If it is so important why then aren’t hand washing facilities made available to lorry drivers for their own safety as well as ours? After all they are handling our goods!

Press down taps: Talking about hand hygiene, why do so many places have press down taps? It might save water, but it certainly doesn’t allow thorough hand washing and generally there is no plug.
No sooner have you put your hands into the water then the flow ceases. Isn’t it possible for the timer to be set for a reasonable time to allow thorough hand washing?

Bus conductors in Thailand: According to an article in Standard Digital [9 June] bus conductors in Thailand are not allowed toilet breaks at all and have to wear nappies during their 16 hours shift!
This has led to infections because of the length of time the nappies have to be worn – and apparently it has also caused cancer of the uterus in one conductor! Their Union is now demanding more toilets along the routes and at bus terminals.

Sensors at Heathrow: The toilets at the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow have been fitted with sensors that count the users [BBC News 7 June].
The technology allows staff to see which toilets are used most often and therefore need more cleaning.  It can also indicate which loos are available and in the long term data can suggest whether fewer
or more toilets are needed. [Ed would be interested to hear comments from our readers of their experience at these new facilities]

Women’s issues: There is a petition at asking George Osborne to remove the VAT from sanitary products. Do seek it out and sign it if you have a moment. It’s called Stop taxing periods. Period

THE MONKEY CLOSET website is now available! The launch on Friday 13th June, heralded the beginning of an ever expanding resource for all sorts of topics related to sanitation and hygiene.
Comments to date have been very positive. Do take time to visit the site but make sure you return again and again to ensure you keep up to date with the wide range of information as the site continues to grow.

Don’t forget to visit our Truckers Toilets UK Facebook page and contribute to the campaign

Next issue of the Truckers’ Toilets UK newsletter will be July
The full version of this June newsletter can be viewed on the Truckers Toilets page on this website

Gillian Kemp
The British Toilet Association


2014 British Toilet Association Innovation Awards

2014 Innovation Awards - small

The Awards will recognise innovation in three key areas of ‘away from home’ provision:

1. New products
2. New services
3. Efficiency improvements

The BTA wants to hear about innovation that really improves the use or provision of publicly accessible toilets. Anyone can nominate a provider or supplier or their own organisation or company by sending an email to by close of business, Friday 29th August 2014. Nominations must include details of why the product, service or efficiency should be awarded a BTA Innovation Award. All nominations will be acknowledged.

A panel comprising members of the BTA Management Committee will judge each nomination and decide who will gain awards. There may be more than one award in each category, dependent on the number and quality of the nominations. The decisions of the judges will be final.

Each award winner will receive a trophy designed specifically for the BTA Innovation Awards and a framed BTA Innovation Award certificate.

The awards will be announced and presented to the winners at our Conference & AGM in November
Opportunities exist to exhibit and display your products at the 2014 BTA Conference
Please contact or call 02891 477397.

You can nominate an innovative provider or supplier by downloading a nomination form and completing it. Once you have completed the form, you can return it to us by post to the BTA offices; or you can scan the completed form and email it to us at:

Closing date for Nominations: Friday 29th August 2014

New benefit to BTA members and site visitors


There is a new tab above headed Buyers Guide. This enables site visitors to select a members name and view their products or services available and it contains a direct link to the member’s website.

BTA Commercial Company Members benefit from repeated exposure of their product/service offered to site visitors.
Non Commercial Company Members that require products or services will also benefit from being able to contact these
BTA member companies directly.

Take a look at the guide by clicking on the BUYERS GUIDE TAB on the header above.

If you are not yet a member and you would like to benefit from adding your products or services to the Buyer’s Guide, please visit our Membership page to find out how to join the BTA and support the campaign for better publicly accessible toilets.

BTA Consultation Service

consultation board small

Each year we visit many hundreds of public toilets across the UK, provided by local authorities and other operators. Over the years we have built up a unique fund of practical experience, covering every aspect of toilet provision and operation and most importantly this knowledge is centred on the views and requirements of the user.

Through Loo of the Year Awards, promoted by BTA, our vision is that every ‘away from home’ toilet, certainly every Local Authority public toilet, will receive an annual independent assessment and appropriate star rating.

In the meantime, the BTA is ready and able to visit any type of provider – Local Authority or commercial as well as health, education and hospitality establishments, to discuss current standards of provision, future strategy and issues relevant to design, layout, product and service needs, security and maintenance – as well as marketing or revenue generating opportunities.

The BTA’s Toilet Consultation Service provides impartial, independent advice at a realistic cost which is discounted for BTA members.

Find out more about our Consultation Service - please E-mail us at:

Consultation check-mark small

Publicly Available Toilets – Problem Reduction Guide launched

Publicly Available Toilets Campaign

The BTA produces a range of information booklets and guides covering the provision and management of toilets and they continue to be a source of useful information to all types of toilet providers.

Publicly Available Toilets – Problem Reduction Guide
Free Downloads

2013 BTA Conference followed by the Members Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 14th November 2013 at 10am – 3:15pm
The Stratford Hotel at Stratford upon Avon

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Another year has flown by and we have seen many changes in the toilet landscape. Closures seem to be the dominant feature still although there has been a significant slowing down as councils are trying to find alternative solutions to the problems that are now being faced with visitor numbers dropping and street urination on the increase. The BTA Conference will be a great opportunity for myself and the management committee to get together with everyone to discuss real issues and network with many others who experience similar challenges.

The conference agenda will include a range of topics and presentations to hopefully stimulate thoughts and ideas. This is a good opportunity for open discussion and a potential search for solutions to issues that we all face in providing the public with safe, clean, away‐from‐home toilets. We will attempt to examine the issues of accessibility, equality and social inclusion as well as the problems faced by residents, user groups, tourists and visitors to this country in actually locating clean, well‐managed and clearly sign posted public toilet facilities.

We have arranged a series of presentations to look at new innovative products including eco‐friendly/water‐saving toilets, infection‐control equipment and daily toilet systems management. In a very exciting development, the BTA has recently been in consultation with the DCLG and MENCAP to provide a UK Toilet Map for their growing number of Changing Places toilet locations across the UK. This initial pilot project is expected to roll‐out into a country‐wide mapping system for all “away from home “accessible toilets provided by local authorities and private companies.

This is also the official invitation to all members to attend the 2013 BTA Annual General Meeting which will take place at 2:15pm directly after the Conference Lunch.

Please support your association at this critical time and book your conference places now
only £75.00 plus vat including lunch and refreshments
Some limited exhibition display space is available within the Conference room. Prices start from £150.00
You can download the full invitation brochure and booking form here ….

Once you’ve downloaded the form you can return it by post to the address at the foot of this page; or complete it, scan it and email it back to us at

You can also reply directly by email at, or phone 02891 477397 to reserve your seats. Please provide all attendees names and include any special dietary requirements.

Yours faithfullys:
Raymond. B. Martin

2013 BTA Conference Agenda

Ragley Suite, The Stratford Hotel
Thursday 14th November 2013

09:30 Registration & Networking Reception
10:00 Chairman’s Welcome Mike Bone – LOYA
10:05 Tough Times for Toilets Raymond Martin – BTA Director
10:15 Toilet Innovation Garry Moore (Propelair)
10:35 Infection Control Rose Latchman‐Bloom (Miracle‐Wand)
10:55 Remote Management Roger Berry (Healthmatic)
11:15 Toilet Break Tea/Coffee
11:35 Something Different Adam D’Arcy‐Wass (Danfo UK)
11:55 Truckers Toilets Gillian Kemp – Independent
12:15 Changing Places Mike Le‐Surf (Mencap)
12:30 UK Toilet Map (CP) Raymond Martin – BTA Director
12:50 Question and Answer Discussion Session
13:20 BTA Innovation Awards BTA Management
13:30 Lunch the Stratford Restaurant
14:30 Members AGM Ragley Suite
15:00 Close Have a safe journey home

Very kindly supported by the BTA Corporate Champions

You can download the full invitation brochure and booking form here ….

Once you’ve downloaded the form you can return it by post to the address at the foot of this page; or complete it, scan it and email it back to us at

Chris Evans is toilet champion!

Chris Evans show logo

Chris Evans showed genuine interest in the BTA ‘Where can I go?’ Campaign during an interview with mystery guest Mike Bone, Director of BTA, on Chris Evans Breakfast Show this Wednesday. Chris agreed to be a ‘toilet champion’ in supporting the Campaign.

The ‘Where can I go?’ Campaign recognises the need for BTA to change focus from a ‘top down’ approach -directed primarily at Central Government, to a ‘bottom up’ approach’ – directed primarily at local government – (and commercial
providers) the actual source, and authority responsible for provision of publicly accessible toilets.

There has been a realisation that a ‘call to action’ is needed with the support of other associations and organisations that will add more than the sum of the constituent parts to the force of a new campaign. The result is a campaign that will change attitudes to meeting a basic human need – provision of clean, hygienic and safe publicly accessible toilets that are available where and when needed for all types of users.

This is a campaign that considers the needs of all types of toilet users who all need somewhere to go: the old, those with special needs, babies and children, women, visitors to the UK and those with anxieties about using public toilets.

The benefits will include toilet facilities for all, better environments, reduced health

risks and total cost savings versus provider inactivity.

Full details of the Campaign are shown on the BTA website This includes a Campaign Toolkit available to support campaigners.

Mike Bone commented: “In the run up to the general election voters will be aware of towns and cities where they have nowhere to go, or the facilities provided are inadequate to meet all users’ needs.

“Public toilets are not an option or a target for  discretionary cost cutting but an essential provision to meet basic human needs. Politicians should be aware of the power of the electorate, and the media, when faced with the emotional issue of toilet closures.” BTA welcome support from all those that care about public facilities throughout the UK.

15th January 2010